Black Country Sporting Charity Looking for Principal Partner

Black Country based sporting charity is looking to acquire a Principal Sponsor to support it's activities in the local area. This will provide any organisation with a great opportunity to illustrate it's corporate social responsibility.

The charity employs 52 full-time and 90 part-time staff, supplemented by more than 130 volunteers whose aim is to “Inspire to Achieve” on a daily basis.

They have established a reputation for delivering high quality programmes and are proud of the strong partnerships built over a sustained period of time.

Their strategic principles are as follows:

To make a difference and raise aspirations,to grow our own and the local community.

We have a clear vision for the future of the Foundation where we strive for the following:

To be the best deliverer of football (and selected sports) activities in the country to be the best alternative education provider in the country.

Please contact: Adrian Wright, CEO E: or T: 0121 272 8387 to discuss this further.




Posted on Thursday Sep 29