Vacancy - International Sales Executive

About Us

Project 11 is a market leader in sports advertising, working with the latest technologies and the biggest sporting leagues and events on the planet to give advertisers huge exposure to global audiences around the world to offer them new and innovative ways to connect (or reconnect) with their customers.

We have the unique characteristic of being able to give our clients access to a multitude of sporting events including the most watched football leagues in the world EPL and LA to the biggest Boxing fights globally.

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What we are looking for

Are you hungry? Or do you just say you are? Are you prepared to work harder and longer and make more sacrifices than normal in order to earn extraordinary money? If you can really say yes, and can back up your words with actions then this is the job for you. Our company ethos is to ensure that we all get out what we put in... What are you prepared to put in?                                                                                            

We have a lot of existing and exciting sports events we want to sell, but do not have the quality of sales people we need to sell on these projects. We are looking to recruit very good sales people who want to earn very high uncapped commissions. Our top 5 sales people all earn in excess of 150k per annum.

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Posted on Monday Dec 11